Kelly G. Amen, ASID

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Company: Kelly Gale Amen Design
Houston, TX 77266-6447
Phone: (713) 522-1410

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Designer Profile

As a dedicated designer and artist, I have found a wellspring of inspiration in my experiences and interactions over the years.

I began as a visionary. Using my color and compositional skills to accommodate and infiltrate clients' spaces, I have drawn art from the routines of Interior Design.

I began creating Art Furniture in the 1990's to give voice to my personal vision. At the time artists were fomenting a movement to include functional art in the arena of fine art. Architects and designers were creating functional work to augment their portfolios and allow their work to be legitimized within that realm.

My approach concerns the meshing of a classical style and functionality with a contemporary inflection. All my metal work is produced under my close supervision at a foundry in Alabama. It is created and manipulated to fulfill my vision as an artist.

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As seen in galleries and showrooms!

To find the perfect surround of creative energy with the most creative needs to find a simple red chair!   lets play with juxtaposition of the clients collections!
to be wrapped in rope is another form of art in the urban lofts paces......collections come in all forms!
Hidden mirror placements make a difference in depth, space and dreams.
When music makes as much of a difference as the surround of creaitve energy and food.......kga functional art furniture is the center of this journey!
The lure of texas stone as it makes the embrace of textiles and sculpture come alive....where is the poof?
The embrace of surrounded with the mask of travel and collections.............which one fits?
Highrise - less is more and more is always better.....the clients needs in functional and direct pieces from the clients collection!
Townhome - urban living and the invade of resin, wood, fiber and most of all creative energy!
Cottage - living with the most beautiful of textures, patterns and objects......peace and quiet is the name of this game........have fun!
Highrise - living with the most and the best of all possible usage of space, texture, light and security..........houston 2013!
Lakehouse - depth of space and the embrace of available light and new....this is living in spicewood, texas......yea!
When the figurative form meets the guest at the entrace of one home!  what could be more wonderful than always having a friend close at hand!
Urban life with the twist of wicker, kga v pillows and space recliners....what could be better?
Santa Fe and the embrace of smaller space, higher energy and most of all collections!.........lucky clients!
Sustainable Home - When that burst of color leads the eye to energy and a combination of new and old!
The usage of mirror is always fun to be hidden with the perfect, stone and most of all creative energy!