Laura F Michaelides, ASID

School: Oberlin College, Fashion Institute of Technology
Company: Four Square Design Studio LLC
1810 Summer Street
Houston, TX 77007 map
Phone: (713) 802-1699

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Designer Profile

Laura Michaelides, Four Square Design Studio's principal designer, grew up in the New York City area and received her design training and early professional experience there. Since moving to Houston in 1999, she has become known for thoughtful, clean-lined interiors with a sensitivity and respect for architectural space.

Laura has a modernist sensibility, and her work is characterized by tight color palettes and well-proportioned spaces. Her projects often mix old and new, highlighting each by means of the contrast with the other, and she enjoys adapting older structures to modern use, honoring a building's origins while anchoring her work in the present. Her clients value and appreciate her attention to their needs and aesthetic sensibilities.

Before beginning her formal design education, Laura worked in the field of Historic Preservation, and those early experiences helped shape her knowledge and appreciation of historic structures. Laura's early professional experience included commercial and residential design at ISD Incorporated, Brezavar and Brezavar Architects, and Naomi Leff and Associates, all in New York City.

Laura holds a B.A. in Art History from Oberlin College, and graduated summa cum laude from the Interior Design program at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She has passed the national NCIDQ certification exam, qualifying her to be a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and a registered interior designer in the State of Texas (registration no. 10776).

Services Offered

Four Square Design Studio LLC is a full-service design firm specializing in residential and small commercial construction projects. We offer design services in the following areas:

- Renovations
- Additions
- New construction
- Schematic design
- Floor plans
- Lighting plans
- Kitchen and bath design
- Construction documents
- Interior design and decoration

A significant amount of our practice consists of renovations of or additions to older buildings. We find that owners, builders and even other design professionals often overlook the adaptive potential in well-designed older structures. Where others see a tear-down, we often see opportunities for adaptive re-use - a chance to enhance or repurpose an old building to serve a contemporary need, while respecting its original spirit and design. Yet although we have extensive knowledge of and education in historic architectural styles and art history, we are not strict traditionalists. We enjoy the juxtaposition of old and new, and our love and appreciation for modern design often leads us to adopt a contemporary interior treatment in our renovation projects.

More than anything else, we love working with clients who value good design, who share our aesthetic sense, and with whom we can forge an effective collaboration. We are known for our cooperative working style as well as our skill in the following areas:

- Historically-sensitive additions
- Knowledge of historic (19th to mid-20th century) architectural styles and detailing
- Kitchen and bath design
- Finding creative solutions where available space is limited
- Design of custom cabinetry and furniture
- Use of color
- Production of construction and permitting drawings

Our outstanding educational and technical qualifications enable us to deliver superior designs to our clients. Both of Four Square's lead designers completed undergraduate degrees in Art History before obtaining their professional training.

Awards & Publications

Summer Street Studio - Preservation Houston 2013 Good Brick Award
Southampton Residence - ASID 2012 Design Award, 1st Place Residential under 3500 SF
Lowe Rental Property - Preservation Houston 2008 Good Brick Award
1st Place Award(Residential)/PaperCity Magazine/Decorative Center of Houston, 2008 Design Excellence Awards
1st Place Award (Single Space Residential-Kitchen)PaperCity Magazine/Decorative Center of Houston, 2008 Design Excellence Awards

Michaelides Kitchen 1
Michaelides Kitchen 2
Michaelides Kitchen 3
Cartwright Kitchen
Cartwright Kitchen 2
Cartwright Master Bedroom
Cartwright Dresser Area
Cartwright Master Bath
Cartwright Master Shower
Cartwright Powder Room
Cartwright Pool Bath
Cartwright Living Room
Cartwright Living Room 2
Cartwright Library
Cartwright Entry
Cartwright Home Office
Cartwright Daughter's Bedroom Windows
Ayala Kitchen
Ayala Living Room
Ayala Family Room
Ayala Master Bath
Case Master Bath 1
Case Master Bath 2
Case Master Bath Window Seat