When to Hire a Pest Control Professional in Malaysia

Pests and insects can be a problem for any homeowner. They come in through tiny holes or cracks, and they are often not noticed until there is an infestation. Once your home has been invaded by pests, it can be difficult to get rid of them on your own.

With the ever-growing population of pests in Malaysia, many people have found that it is necessary to hire a professional pest control specialist like Empire Pest Control from Malaysia to terminate termites, ants, cockroaches, rodents, and other pest infestations.

Pest Control Team Malaysia

In this blog post, we will discuss when you should hire a professional pest control company in Malaysia to help take care of the problem for you.

You’ve Tried DIY Pest Control

DIY Pest Control Methods

If you’ve tried DIY Pest Control such as using mothballs or cayenne pepper and the infestation is still happening, it’s time to call in a professional pest control specialist.

This is because DIY Pest Control methods do not always get rid of the pests that are causing you trouble. This is because the DIY Pest Control methods can’t eliminate the pests from their hiding places, and they will continue to breed in those hidden areas. Also, you might end up doing more harm than good with some of these DIY Pest Control methods.

Mothballs, for example, are poisonous to people and pets if they’re not handled carefully. Also, cayenne pepper can cause skin irritation or even pet allergies in people who come in contact with it.

A professional pest control specialist in Malaysia should be able to get rid of your problem with a single visit by using chemicals that are safe for people as well as pets.

Besides that, your pest control specialist will be able to look for the hiding places of those pests and eliminate them so you don’t have to worry about a return infestation.

Home is Damaged By Termites

termite damage

If pests like termites are infesting your home, you need to call a pest control specialist right away. This is because termites can eat through walls, flooring and even furniture.

If you’re not sure whether the pests are termites or something else, call a pest control specialist who should be able to tell you what type of infestation is going on in your home.

Besides that, your pest control specialist will be able to get rid of your problem with a single visit by using chemicals that are safe for people as well as pets.

Pest Infestation in Your Home

Pest Infestation

Some people try to tackle pest infestations on their own, before realizing the severity of it.

Just because a few ants are crawling around your kitchen floor is no reason to panic. It could just be one ant looking for food in an over-crowded colony, or two escaping from an overturned jar full of sugar water.

To know how serious the pest infestation is in your home, look for the following signs:

  • Ants have died near or on a food source. This means they found what they were looking for, and are laying eggs to keep it safe from other intruders.
  • Piles of ants that can be seen outside cracks in walls or floors as a board.
  • Cracks in walls or floorboards, where ants can easily enter from outside.
  • Piles of dirt and grime near food sources that have been spilled on the ground. This indicates a large colony living closer to their newfound feast than they would like you to know about. Also, if you spot a pile of dirt and grime with eggs, larvae, or pupae (newly hatched ants), then it’s an even bigger problem.

The best way to know the severity of the infestation is to have an expert assess it.

The professional will have access to tools that homeowners do not – such as chemicals, fumigation equipment, traps, and other pest control equipment to get the job done.

Summary Of When To Hire a Pest Control Specialist in Malaysia

If you find yourself with a pest infestation, it is time to take action quickly. You don’t want your pest problem getting out of control and costing you more money in the long run. But how can you tell when an issue has reached this point? The best way to avoid expensive damage down the line is by hiring a professional pest control team in Malaysia sooner rather than later for help.

Roof Repair Malaysia – Average Cost To Fix a Roof

Roof Repair Malaysia

How much will roof repair services cost in Malaysia? This is a question that needs to be answered before you commit to any roof repairs. Roofs are expensive, and it is important to know the average price for before you start working with contractors. So once you know the average cost to repair your roof, then the next step is to hire a professional contractor for roof repair in Malaysia for your roofing needs.

We have compiled all of the information for this blog post about roof repair service in Malaysia, so please read on if you want an answer!

Why do you need a roof repair service?

roofing service

Before we talk about the price to repair your roof, it’s important to know why you need a roof repair service in the first place.

There are many reasons why to hire a professional roof repair contractor.

  • A roof repair contractor can fix any roofing problems you may have, such as leaks and holes.
  • They can also replace your roof if it’s beyond repair or will soon need replacement.
  • A roofer is experienced in roof installation and can replace your old roof with a new one.
  • Often times you need to hire someone for these services because it is dangerous to do them yourself.
  • You should also think about calling a professional if any part of the roof needs repairs, such as shingles, flashing.

What Determines The Price For Roof Repair Services in Malaysia

The average price for roof repair services is usually starting from RM300 for a basic roof repair.

Roof repairs can range from RM300 to over RM5000 depending on the size of the roof, and what needs to be done in order to fix it.

The price will also vary between companies, so expect about 20% more or less.

However, the cost of roof repair in Malaysia depends on many factors.

1. The type of roof material

roofing material

The type of roofing material has a direct correlation with the cost of roof repair in Malaysia. For instance, metal roofs are more affordable than slate or concrete tiles that require skilled labor to install.

Here are some examples of roofing materials that are commonly used in Malaysia and their average cost of roof repair:

– Metal Roof – RM 300 to 500 per square meter

– Slate or Concrete Tiles – RM 400 to 600 per square meter

– Bitumen Shingles and Asphalt Material – RM 250 to 350 per square meter.

*Note that these prices are only for the installation.

2. The size and shape of the roof area

The size and shape of the roof also contribute to the cost of roof repair in Malaysia. A leaky skylight that is only a few square meters will usually be less expensive than repairing an entire roof slab with issues on multiple sides, for example.

*Note: these prices are only estimates and may not reflect your exact situation.

You can figure out the size and shape of your roof by using a measuring tape to measure the length, width, height, and diagonal measurements. However, it is better to ask a roofing contractor to help you with this.

3. The condition of the roof

The price of roof repair also depends on the condition of the roof. If you have a badly leaking skylight and also need to replace all your tiles, for example, this would be more expensive than repairing only one tile if it has become cracked or broken.

* Note: these prices are only estimates and may not reflect your exact situation.

The condition of the roof can usually be determined by a few things.

-It might be leaking or have cracks in the roof tiles that need to be repaired.

-The roofing material may also start to deteriorate and can no longer support heavyweight loads like rainwater.

To know the condition of the roof, you have to inspect the roof. Most roof repair contractors offer you a free roof inspection because they want to know more about the roofing material and whether it is worth their time.

The cost of repair will depend on several factors, but one thing you should note that how much damage has been done to your roof. It can be from just a few cracked tiles or all the way up to a complete roof replacement.

4. The quality of workmanship that will be used for repair

roofers working

A professional roofer will always offer high-quality workmanship as well, which can be a factor in your roofing cost. This is why it is important to see the roofer’s work history and find out what kind of reputation they have in the industry.

You can find out more about the roofer’s reputation by talking to their previous clients and joining local neighborhood organizations.

Roofers with a good reputation are often more expensive, but you should be willing to pay the higher price for their quality of workmanship in order to protect your home or business investment.

5. Whether or not it is a commercial or residential property

The type of property can also play a role in the cost of roofing repair in Malaysia. A commercial property will require significantly more work than a residential one, so it is important to have this included in your budget when you start looking for roofers or doing research about prices on your own. This is because commercial property roofs are more vulnerable to wear and tear because they have a higher amount of foot traffic, which can lead to the roof coming down sooner than it would on a private house.

You’ll find that in many cases, commercial properties might require replacement rather than repair work when damage occurs as well.

Other Things To Consider Before Hiring a Roof Repair Services

There are a few things that you should consider before hiring roof repair services in Malaysia. Some may not seem important at first glance, but they can come back to haunt you if ignored or dealt with poorly.

1. Find a company that has experience in roof repairs

You need to find a company that has experience in roof repairs. Not only can a lack of knowledge lead to an improper or shoddy repair, but it also means you’re more likely to have the problem reoccur in the future.

A good idea is to ask for references if possible as this will give you some assurance they are qualified and able.

2. Check reviews and testimonials from previous customers

You can check reviews and testimonials from previous customers to see what their experience was like with the company. Were they satisfied? Did they have any complaints or suggestions for improvement?

This can give you some insight into whether it is worth hiring them, as well as which aspects of roof repair services, could use a little more attention.

3. Ask for recommendations for roof repair services

You can ask for references or recommendations from people you know who have had their roofs repaired in the past.

This will help you find a roof repair company in Malaysia that is experienced and reliable, which can make for an easier experience overall.


We hope this blog post has been helpful for you and that it helps answer some of your questions about roof repair costs in Malaysia.

DIY Pest Control Methods

DIY Pest Control Methods

Do you have a pest problem? It doesn’t matter if you live in the country or a big city, there are plenty of bugs and critters that will try to invade your home. Some people call these pests “pests” for short and they can include ants, spiders, roaches, bedbugs, mice, rats and more. While it may be tempting to call a pest control specialist and get rid of the problem quickly, DIY pest control methods can work just as well! In this article we’ll share some easy ways to keep pesky insects out of your house.

1. Make your own natural pesticide by mixing water, dish soap, and a few drops of peppermint oil

You can use this DIY natural pesticide on your plants to get rid of insects and weeds.

Mix water, dish soap, and a few drops of peppermint oil in the spray bottle. Spray this mixture onto your plants when you see an insect or weed problem

After you’ve done that, you need to wait for about 20 minutes to let the mixture work before you can rinse it off

This DIY natural pest control is an excellent way of getting rid of bugs and critters. This is because you’re making your own natural pesticide that is 100% safe.

2. Use a homemade trap to catch rodents – place peanut butter in the middle of two pieces of bread with the crusts cut off

You can also use this DIY trap to get rid of bugs that may be in your home. To do this, place the peanut butter on a piece of bread with the crusts cut off and put another piece of bread over it.

This DIY natural pest control is an excellent way – especially if you are dealing with insects or rodents!

The DIY natural pest control bug trap can also be used as an excellent way to monitor how many pests are living within your home, because you will know when they have been caught!

You may want to use more than one of these traps if there is lots of activity happening in your home.

3. Place cayenne pepper near areas where ants are coming in for an easy way to keep them away

You can use cayenne pepper to kill ants and keep them out of your home- all you have to do is sprinkle a little bit in the areas where they are coming into the house.

Cayenne will irritate their skin, so they’ll want to stay away!

This DIY natural pest control for ants can also be used as an excellent way to get rid of them for good if they are coming in from outside.

4. Put some cinnamon powder around your home’s foundation for mice prevention

Cinnamon powder works well as an alternative to mouse traps.

Place a little bit of cinnamon powder around the outside edges or areas where you suspect mice are coming in and out from, and they will keep away!

This natural pest control for mice is also great because it’s safe- doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that could hurt your family members.

Just be careful to make sure the cinnamon doesn’t mix with something like pet food, or it could cause a fire.

5. Fill up any holes outside that might be attracting pests like mosquitoes or rats

A good way to prevent mosquitoes and other pests from coming into your home is to make sure all of the holes outside are filled up.

If you find a hole, fill it with dirt! You can even put some wire mesh around the edge so that rodents like rats don’t get in.

To make sure that all the holes are covered, you might need to move things around like your patio furniture, or even the barbecue grill.

Whatever it takes! Once you’ve filled up all of those holes outside, pests will be less likely to come in and ruin your day.

6. Clean out your gutters regularly so they don’t become clogged with leaves and other debris

You need to clean out your gutters regularly to make sure that they don’t become clogged with leaves and other debris. This will help prevent pests from coming inside of the home through this entrance.

Also, you need to trim back any overhanging branches near your roof so that water doesn’t puddle there and create a breeding ground for bugs!


As a homeowner, there is no shortage of things that you have to worry about. But one thing you can control easily is the pests in your house – and we’re not talking about those pesky ants or roaches!

There are so many DIY pest control methods out there for homeowners with busy schedules like yours who don’t want to make time to call an exterminator every few months. Here are some tips on how to get rid of bugs from your home naturally without using harsh chemicals or paying someone else do it for you. Now all you need is a little bit of patience

4 Pest Control Measures That Can Help Get Rid Of an Infestation

pest control measures

Do you have pests infesting your home? If so, it’s important to take action before the situation gets out of hand. Not only can pests cause damage in and of themselves, but they also carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Pests are a nuisance at best and a public health hazard at worst. In this blog post we will discuss 4 pest control measures that can help get rid of an infestation once and for all!

Identify the pest problem

pest infestation

First you need to determine what type of pest you’re dealing with and learn about their habits. This will help make your plan to eliminate the infestation more effective.

If it’s ants, then keep in mind that they are attracted to sweets so don’t leave any open sweet containers around if possible. If cockroaches are the problem, see how they get inside your home and seal any cracks or holes they can squeeze through.

If rodents are the issue, make sure to clean up pet food and water bowls at night so that it doesn’t attract rats and mice into your home.

In general, be mindful of how pests get inside your house! If you see them coming in from outside then you need to figure out how they’re getting in.

Eliminate food sources for pests – don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink or crumbs on the countertop

When it comes to pest infestation, you need to make sure there is no food for these pests. This means that you need to take care of dirty dishes in the sink and countertop crumbs as well.

Furthermore, you need to make sure that you store your food properly. This includes using airtight containers and storing them in the fridge or freezer.

While this is not enough, you need to clean and vacuum regularly too because pests will be coming from all sorts of places – even cracks on your floorboards!

Remember to sweep as well, since pest can hide behind furniture. This is also an excellent way to prevent them from coming back.

*Getting rid of food sources is one of the most important pest control measures you can take *DON’T leave dirty dishes in the sink or crumbs on countertops.

Seal off any cracks where pests can enter your home – make sure to seal up all gaps around pipes and electrical outlets

To make sure that pests don’t come into your home, you need to do is make sure that there are no cracks in which they can enter. Check for areas around pipes and electrical outlets. If any have been left unsealed then seal it up with caulk or putty as soon as possible.

Furthermore, you can also make sure that any vents in your home have screens around them. If you find an area that is unsealed, then seal it up with caulk or putty as soon as possible.

Seal off the cracks where pests can enter your home – make sure to seal up all gaps around pipes and electrical outlets

To prevent pest infestations from happening, make sure to seal up all gaps around pipes and electrical outlets. Check for any unsealed areas of your home as this is typically the place where pests enter through first.

Clean up after yourself – don’t leave dirty clothes lying around because they’ll attract bugs

You need to clean up after yourself. Don’t leave dirty clothes lying around because they’ll attract bugs, and don’t put food in the kitchen or living room where it can spoil and create a mess that isn’t pleasant to deal with later on.

It’s also important not to store unused items on shelves – such as baby toys, old shoes, or books. This is because it will attract bugs.

This is also why it’s important to organize your clothes and do the laundry more often – because an organized closet will be less likely to become infested with pests.

Clean up after yourself, store items on shelves in order of size so that you can find them easily when needed, and keep a clean home by doing laundry frequently.

6. Get rid of clutter so there’s less hiding places for insects and rodents

Now you need to get rid of the pests that you have. It’s important to remember, however, that this isn’t a job for amateurs – because it can be dangerous if done incorrectly!

Therefore, make sure to hire a professional pest control company who are skilled at pest control measures so they can get rid of all these pesky creatures and keep your home safe and healthy again.


Now that we’ve gone over the top pest control measures, it’s time to put them into action. Keep in mind these tips and tricks so you can get rid of infestations for good. Did any of these ideas help inspire your next step? Let us know! We want to hear from you on how our article has helped make your home safer. You might be surprised at what a little bit of knowledge about pests can do for your well-being.

Signs That Your Roof Needs Replacement

roof replacement

The roof you have at home is one of the most important structures that contributes the protection of you, your loved ones, and your belongings. This is why it is important for you to keep your eyes on the roof at all times. While keeping your eyes on the roof, you should look for the signs, which indicate that your roof needs to be replaced.

Here’s a list of some of the most prominent signs that indicate the fact that you should go ahead with a roof replacement. If you can see one or more of these symptoms, you should go ahead with the decision without keeping any second thoughts in mind.

You can see leaks or damages on the roof

This is the most obvious sign on why you need to go ahead with roof replacement. If you can see a leak or a damage in the roof, you will need to address that immediately. Otherwise, things can worsen along with time and lead you to numerous problems.

On the other hand, you will need to understand that the leak or damage can get bigger along with time. This will lead you to more expenses with roof replacement. Hence, you should contact an expert in the very first moment where you spot the leak or the damage in your roof.

Your ceiling is sagging

Even if you can see that the ceiling is sagging, you should try your best to replace that. The reason for sagging you can see on your ceiling can be an issue with the roof. Therefore, you should try your best to get the roof repaired immediately. Excessive moisture that comes into your house from the roof is leading you to sagging.

Even if you can see dark stains on the wall, you need to understand that there’s a problem with moisture and you should try your best to fix that immediately. Then you will be able to keep the peace of mind in the long run.

Your roof is over 20 years old

If your roof is over 20 years old, you should not live with it any longer. You have got maximum benefits out of the roof and it is the high time to go for a roof replacement. That’s because your roof has ended its lifetime and it is no longer capable of delivering the protection and support you need as a homeowner.

Therefore, you should replace your roof and get a new roof. This will help you to refrain from encountering any surprising issues in the near future as well.

You can see decaying shingles

When you notice decaying shingles, you should figure out that there is a problem with the roof. Therefore, you should contact an expert and replace the roof. Decaying shingles can crack and lead you to problems from time to time. But if you can get the roof replaced, you don’t have to worry too much about such problems.

Hence, you will get all the support needed to keep the peace of mind. This is something that every homeowner should consider as of now.

You can see missing granules

Even if you can see missing granules on your roof, you should go for a roof placement. That’s because it indicates that rapid decay of your roof has started. By going for a roof replacement, you can refrain from the negative consequences that you will have to face in the future because of it.

Get the help of an expert roof replacement contractor and get the existing roof replaced.

How to Remove Paint from Windows

Are you looking for an effective method to remove paint from windows? Then you have few options available to consider as of now. We thought of sharing details with related to the best method, which you can follow to remove paint from your windows. Just follow this process and you will be able to end up with getting the job done at the end of the day.

Step 1 – The very first step is to get all the items that you need to proceed with removing paint from the windows. Things you need to proceed with paint removal include dish soap, white vinegar, elbow grease, rag and rubber gloves, a bucket of warm water, and a new razor blade.

Step 2 – Once you have all the supplies, you can measure 240ml of white vinegar and pour that into a cup made out of glass. Then you will be able to microwave the container for a period of around 60 seconds. This is where you will notice how vinegar is boiling.

Step 3 – Now you need to put on rubber gloves and then dip a rag to the container that has white vinegar. Then you will need to use the rag and proceed to scrub paint that you can see on the window. This method will not remove the paint. However, it would soften paint. Therefore, you will be able to make your life easy as you proceed with the next steps of getting paint removed.

Step 4 – As the next step, you should add around 15ml of dish soap to an empty bucket. Then you will need to pour a bucket that is filled with warm water on top of it. You will be adding warm water to it after soap. Therefore, you will be able to allow it to develop suds along with time.

Step 5 – You should put on the rubber gloves again. That’s because you should soak up a dry rag within a bucket. Make sure that you do this immediately after scraping the window with the help of white vinegar. Then you can allow the paint to dry effectively. Hence, you will be able to get all the support you need to get that saturated as well.

Step 6 – You can now use a razor blade and scrape the paint on your window. Make sure that you hold the razor blade at an angle of 45 degree. Then you will be able to improve the effectiveness of scraping. You can also make sure that you are not going to scratch the glass as you remove paint. If you noticed that paint is dry, you will need to remoisten it.

Step 7 – As the last step, you can think about spraying glass cleaner onto the window. Then you will need to use a dry microfiber cloth. Along with that, you should wipe down the paint effectively. You will need to do

this according to the previous steps. Then you will be able to effectively get rid of soap, vinegar, and paint flakes.

Final words

Now you have a clear understanding about a proven process that you can follow in order to remove paint from the windows. Make sure that you stick to this process and get the job done. Then you will be able to enhance the good looks of your windows again. After removing paint, you will also have the freedom to paint them in a completely different color and enhance the good looks that you can receive with it.

How to Plan Your Home Renovation

Plan Your Home Renovation

Renovating your plan is one of the biggest decisions that you can take with your investment. This is where you should have a clear understanding on how to plan your home renovation. Otherwise, you will end up with making expensive mistakes, which would make you regret in the future.

To make sure that you don’t end up with any such regrets, it is important to have a strong understanding on how to plan your home renovation project. Here are the useful tips that you can follow to proceed with planning the home renovation project, so that you can end up with receiving the best possible results out of it at the end of the day.

Have a Renovation Plan

Before you proceed with the home renovation project, you need to make sure that you are equipped with a proper plan. This is the very first step that all people who wish to proceed with a home renovation project should keep in mind When you have a proper plan in place, you can reduce your chances of getting distracted.

All you have to do is to follow your plan and end up with getting the results that you deserve to get. Hence, you can go through the process without having to worry about anything at all.

Define a Budget To Renovate Your House

You must also define a clear budget to proceed with the home renovation project. You will need to get the job done with what you can spend. This is why you should decide how much you are going to spend. Then you can finalize financing. You will need to allocate at least 10% to cover up the unexpected expenses.

Then you will need to proceed with requesting cost estimates from experts. You should also get a better understanding about the cost associated with different materials. This will eventually help you to end up with getting the best possible results at the end of the day.

Get in touch with expert house contractors

People renovating the house concept

You will need to handover the home renovation project to expert contractors. Only they will be able to deliver all the support and assistance that you need to get the job done. Therefore, you shouldn’t think twice before you handover the task to an expert team. You will need to take a look at their licensing and expertise before you handover the task. Then you will be able to end up with getting the desired results without encountering any challenges.

Have a timeline

You should communicate with the home renovation expert and have a timeline as well. Then you will be able to get a better understanding on how much time it would cost for you to proceed with getting the home renovation work done.

You will also be able to adhere to the timeline and plan other activities around that accordingly. However, you should make sure that the timeline you develop is something realistic.

Pack your belongings

Before the home renovation contractor comes to your place and start work, you will need to pack the items. This is something that you should do on your own, instead of giving to the home renovation

contractors. Then you can make sure that you don’t end up with damaging the expensive items that you have at home.

Keep these tips in your mind and proceed with the home renovation project. Since you prepare for the home renovation project, you can get the best possible results offered out of it.

Sustainable Home Decor Guide: Ethical and Eco-Friendly Design Tips

We are living in a world where we are heavily concerned about sustainability. You should focus on it when you go ahead with home décor as well.

Here are some of the best eco-friendly and sustainable home décor tips available for you to consider as of now. You can take a look at these options and get the maximum returns that come on your way.

Use eco-friendly building materials


There are numerous eco-friendly building materials available for you to use and proceed with construction. You should be using the best materials out of them. This is where you will need to pay special attention towards the windows and doors that you have at home.

We can see how people go ahead with constructing doors and windows made out of used aluminum and salvaged lumber. You may take a look at those eco-friendly options and go ahead with the best option that matches with your preferences.

Start using furniture made with reclaimed materials

At the time of purchasing furniture for the home, you should go ahead with ones that are made out of reclaimed materials. This will be the most eco-friendly option available for you to consider. Expert manufacturers know how to manufacture best quality furniture out of reclaimed materials.

You just need to think about getting your hands on them to end up with receiving the best results. Furniture you buy from reclaimed timber is unique looking, strong, and deliver a rustic vibe.

Go for eco-friendly flooring options


Numerous options are available to consider as you go ahead with flooring materials as well.

You will need to think about getting your hands on the most eco-friendly flooring options out of them. Glass tiles, linoleum, bamboo, cork, reclaimed hardwood, and wool carpet are some of the most eco-friendly options available for you to consider.

They are stylish and durable. On the other hand, you will be able to purchase these in many different textures and colors to match perfectly well with your taste.

Get nontoxic roofing materials

You must also think about purchasing non-toxic roofing materials for your home. There are numerous options available for you to consider while looking for nontoxic roofing materials. For example, you can take a look at shingles that are made out of rubber, wood, and plastic.

You will even be able to find roofing materials that are made out of post-consumer waste in the market. They are cost-effective and durable.

On the other hand, you will be able to use them effectively to minimize landfill waste. Hence, you can start using them without having to worry too much about the environmental impact that you create.

Green paints

There are numerous options to consider as you buy green paints as well. Eco-friendly paints are in a position to deliver a unique look and feel to your home as well. Traditional paints can come to you with heavy metals and toxic materials.

They are not healthy for you at all. This is why you should focus more on the purchase of green paints. Then you will be able to have a safe environment around you at home as well.

Now you know how to proceed with getting eco-friendly and ethical home décor to your home. You can take a look at these options and proceed with buying the best one out of them. Then you can experience numerous benefits that would come on your way in the long run.

Most Popular Architectural Home Styles & Exteriors

Home Styles

Home is the place you want to come back to after every exciting journey. Unless you have such an abode to return to, there exists no sense of belonging, and every road would be a perpetuating misery. It is important to have places for yourself, and these houses should also be able to accommodate your family. As the population has increased significantly over the past two decades, the number of buildings rising from the unoccupied grounds has also increased.

Though the construction methods and architecture weren’t paid attention to in many structures in the past, these are the factors people take into consideration today. Various styles have been developed over the years to infuse a sense of novelty to the scenery. Architecture has evolved into an area with huge potential, and it has incorporated multiple ideas to accommodate the world in a variety of shapes. Let us look at some of the most popular architectural home styles and exteriors.

1.      Art Deco

art deco

This is a style with various influences, including the 1930s Hollywood movies. Tropical pastels of Malaysia Beach have also become a part of the architecture used here. Art deco comes with the typical flat roof but smooth stucco walls and bold exteriors. Although this style is used for homes, it is mostly seen in commercial spaces.

2.      Cape Cod House

Unlike many other forms, this has the potential to grab your attention with the sleek designs and elegance. The addition to that conventional style were the larger chimneys and steeper roofs. Another attractive feature of this style is the dormer windows. Housing development plans made use of this style to build homes after World War II.

3. Colonial Style House

colonial style house

Many variations had been developed in Colonial architecture since the 1600s, and this diversity has helped the American settlers choose a classy abode. The evenly spaced shuttered windows and proportionate dormers, chimneys, and columns contribute to the symmetric look of Colonial architecture.

4. Contemporary House Design

Contemporary House

Modern architecture and contemporary are often confused for each other. Though they both aren’t essentially the same, the contemporary style has a few inspirations from today’s building styles. The similarities between the two are drawn to connect outdoors and indoors. Contemporary homes promote energy efficiency by using sustainable materials and letting in natural light to make use of all the resources available in abundance.